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Vital Facts about Beer Gas that You Should Definitely Know

There’s nothing like a fresh pint of your favourite beer on a Holiday afternoon, right?The fizz and the strong taste are what make your beer special. To create that fizz, the brewery uses a special kind of blended gas, known popularly as beer gas.

Why Use Beer Gas?

The effective usage of beer gas helps to keep the drink fresh and intact for a longer period. However, the quality of the beverage gases in Southport depends on many factors. These include the system that dispenses the beer, temperature and type of beer.

Basics About Beer Beverage Gas:

First, we will talk about the basics of beer gas. Beer gas is basically a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen. You will find them mostly in different beer dispensing systems. It results in a smooth beer distribution to your glass without affecting its original taste. The primary reasons for using beer gas are as follows:

  • The beer gas helps to maintain the carbonation level of the beer.
  • The beverage gas is blended according to the type of beer. The carb units present in the beer determine the type of gas to use.
  • In normal conditions, 2.5 Carbs are considered an average value for Ales and Lagers. For these beers, the breweries use CO2-rich blended beverage gas.

Common Kinds of Beer Gases:

Below, you can find more information about different types of beer gases.

  • Guinness Gas: It is a popular beverage with 25% CO2 and 75% Nitrogen gas. This mix is specifically used for beers with a carb measurement of 1.3 to 1.7. This mixture is also used to preserve different types of red wine and white wine.
  • 70 CO2/30 N2 Beer Gas: As the name suggests, this beverage gas is made by using 70% of Carbon Dioxide and 30% Nitrogen. The pressure of the beer dispenser can be increased up to 22 to 24 psi while using this gas. The best part is that the gas does not make the beer over-carbonated.
  • 60 CO2/40 N2 Beer Gas: As this gas has huge amounts of Nitrogen, it is used by very few breweries. This is only used to put greater pressure on the beer system while serving.

The quality of gas is an important factor in the taste of beer. If you want to get this gas from a trustworthy source, come to Bossgas. We are one of the leading suppliers of bottled beverage gases in Southport. For more details, you can visit our website today.

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