Safefill Gas Bottles

Safefill cylinders are lighter than steel cylinders and, because the cylinders are translucent, it is possible to check the amount of liquefied gas inside.

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The Safefill Cylinders

When Safefill asked people what they wanted from their bottled cylinders they said:

  • It should be light, I want to be able to carry it
  • I want to see how much gas I have left
  • It should be easy to refill
  • I don’t want to pay a premium for small amounts of gas

So Safefill introduced the Safefill cylinder to meet every one of your needs. The Safefill cylinder now comes in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

The Safefill bottle allows you to see how much gas is left – so no more estimating.

Safety is Paramount at Safefill

Standard rented gas cylinders are not intended to be refilled by the customer – and much is said about the dangers and legal implications of doing so. We couldn’t agree more. Safefill cylinders are designed to be refilled.

Safefill cylinders feature:

  • Automatic overfill prevention device
  • Additional back-check valve if you accidentally forget to close the valve after filling
  • Tamper-proof fittings which only allow gas to exit when connected to an appliance

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