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Understanding the Use of Beverage Gases in Brewing Beer – A Guide

Beer is an admired drink that’s popular across the globe that hosts a social value besides offering great taste. And with time, its taste and demand have evolved, and several new breweries have entered the market, hosting many new variants and flavours. However, one of the key ingredients that have always been used in beer brewing is beverage gas, which helps in carbonation and enriching its taste.

The demand for beverage gases in Southport has been on the rise lately with the increase in the number of restaurants and pubs. But, if you are new to the beverage industry and want to know about the purpose of beverage gases in beer production, this blog is for you.

Beverage Gases Southport




Why is beverage gas used?

Adding the right proportion of beverage gas, including Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen, along with pressure, helps produce the right amount of carbonation in draught and craft beers. Adding only carbon dioxide will produce an excessively foamy and over-carbonated beer. On the contrary, adding an inappropriate blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide will produce flat beer. Hence, you must be careful in adding the correct blend of beverage gas to produce the finest quality beer.

What are the things to consider while choosing beverage gas?

A few important points to know before buying beverage gas are:

• There should be a clear traceability label.
• The label should also display all relevant information about the supplier and contents.
• The valve outlet needs to be sealed.
• The test date rings should be valid and in place,
• The cylinder should be within the expiry date.
• Also, the safety and risk phrases must be written.
• Last but not least, there shouldn’t be any traces of rust or dents in the cylinder.

Concluding thoughts

You must choose a reputable supplier of beverage gases who is experienced in delivering quality-assured products. And if you are looking for one such esteemed name in the industry, you must get in touch with Boss Gas today.

With a rich experience of more than 20 years, we serve beverage gases to various clients across Leigh, Bolton, Wigan, St Helens, and Warrington. We have supplied to many breweries, pubs, clubs, restaurants, individual beer dispensers, and home bars. So, without any further confusion, contact our representatives now.

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