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Things to Note When Buying a CO2 Beverage Cylinder for Commercial Use

In beverage production industries, one cannot ignore the importance of Carbon Dioxide or CO2 gas. In most facilities, the gas is utilised by supplying beverage gas cylinders. It is a convenient mode of storing gas in a large production facility, which one can utilise according to their requirements.

The Myriad Uses of Beverage Gases:

From aerated sugar drinks to bear stouts, CO2 is indispensable for a variety of beverages. The fizz may vary according to the drink type, and the keg’s propulsion determines its taste, too. So, it is easily understandable that the quality of Carbon Dioxide is important. It plays a major role in maintaining customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Things to Note Before Purchasing a Beverage Gas Cylinder:

When purchasing a CO2 beverage gas in Southport, a manufacturing unit should note a few important features. These are pointed out in detail in the following part of this blog.

  • Durability: The beverage cylinder is one of the major parts of the gas dispensing system. So, it is important to invest in a gas cylinder that has enough resistance to fractures and cracks. One should avoid buying cylinders made of poor materials at all costs, as it puts safety at risk.
  • Optimum Cylinder Size and Weight: The cylinder’s size and weight are important criteria to check before purchase. It is a key factor in safe handling, provided that the staff frequently changes the kegs at pubs. It is viable to buy cylinders made of aluminium. This makes the containers lightweight, which eases their transportation from the dealer to the facility.
  • Safety Testing: To invest in quality cylinders, it is important to note if the experts have properly tested them. This helps the manufacturing unit ensure the safety of the items. A beverage gas cylinder generally goes through a hydrostatic test, where the cylinder is filled up with water at an increased pressure.
  • Corrosion Resistance: CO2 beverage gases are primarily stored in metal cylinders. This makes it vulnerable to damage. The metallic inner wall may be affected due to weather corrosion. This could affect the overall taste and feel of the drink. In the worst-case scenario, the damage can also affect the valves.

As one can understand, it is important to check different elements of a beverage gas cylinder before purchase. To get the finest quality beverage gases in Southport, one should contact Bossgas. We are a reliable source for different types of beverage gases. Our client base includes breweries, beverage manufacturers and bars around the area. For more information, one can visit our website.

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