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Steps to Follow to Manage the Quality of Beverage Gases

To properly store different types of beverages, especially alcoholic ones, you can find the use of specialised gases. The gas can significantly improve the quality of the final product. In the case of beer, you can find the wide usage of CO2 gases. Along with sensory outcomes, the gas produces beer foam and offers shelf stability.

Industrial Importance of Carbon Dioxide:

Unlike other gases, carbon dioxide is mass-produced in factories. It is industrially important to help store different types of drinks. The brewers ensure to maintain the purity of the CO2 gas by testing the presence of contaminants. Besides that, they follow several steps to maintain the quality of the gases.

Ways to Maintain the Quality of Beverage Gases:

In this blog, we will talk at length about the ways to restore the quality of beverage gases in Southport. Following these steps will be helpful as you can provide the finest drink to your customer every single time.

  • Communicate with Suppliers: To mitigate the beverage gas supply risk, especially CO2, you must communicate with your supplier. Ask them to provide only food-grade CO2 gas that can be used for storing beverages. They should also have a certificate of analysis upon the gas delivery. Do not forget to ask the gas provider about the percentage of CO2 derived from ethanol or petrochemical production.

  • Follow Preventive Maintenance: If you source liquid Carbon dioxide from your supplier, ensure it is compatible with food-grade CO2. Choose the hoses for supplying the liquid gas to your facility. The item should avoid leaching of plasticisers that come in contact with the beer.

  • Perform Sensory and Quality Testing: It is an easy and inexpensive measure that you can follow to determine the quality of the gas. You can slowly bubble the carbon dioxide gas through sanitary brewing liquor for a short time. Then you can assess the value of the gas with untreated beverages. You can also perform difference testing with a sensory panel. It is also worth noting that beverage gases should not be inhaled directly.

These are important requirements to store and maintain the quality of beverage gases. If you want it from a trustworthy source, you can take help from Bossgas. We are a large-scale supplier of bottled gases in Wigan. Our unit specialises in providing beverage gases in Southport. If you own a brewery, you can benefit greatly from us. For more information, visit our website today.

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