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Important Facts About Beer Gas Storage and Handling

High-quality beer gas is essential to have that perfect pint for their punters. Beer gas is also popular as cellar gas. It is widely used to pour ciders and non-alcoholic drinks, including lager and bitter. People don’t need lots of bubbles in a glass of real ale, but they would love lots of fizz in their soft drinks and liger.

You need to store beer gas in a correct manner to reap the maximum benefits out of it. This will help you to pass the visits from the health and safety inspector, preventing accidents and reducing profit loss. You must also ensure reaching out to a reliable gas supplier for beverage gases in St Helens.

How Can You Store Beer Gas Correctly On Your Site?

What Does Beer Gas Contain?

Beer gas used for real ales and stouts combines Nitrogen gases and CO2. Nitrogen enables CO2 use at pressure and prevents excessive carbonation. Its odourless properties make it ideal for use when you want a little fizz without ruining the beer’s flavour. Using only CO2 is fine for pop cans, ciders and ligers, as excessive fizz isn’t an issue for such drinks. However, a mixture with less Nitrogen is generally used for them as well.

How to Store Beer Gas?

Here are some important tips for storing beer gas safely.

  • Make sure to store beer gas cylinders straight against a wall, no matter if they are in use currently or are empty. 
  • Use a chain to secure your beer gas supply to avoid it from falling over.
  • Avoid leaving them in places with a risk of getting knocked over, as they should not be dropped down. This is because it can result in accidents and injuries as they are pressurised and weighty.
  • Not storing them properly can damage cylinder valves, eventually leading to leakages. No one would ever prefer losing stock and incurring the expenses for replacement parts.
  • Train your bar staff before delegating them the duties of handling beer gas cylinders. Doing so can impose major risks to safety. Hence, ensure that no personnel interacts with these cylinders until they are fully trained.

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